‘Vampire Diaries’ Romance Off Screen: 5 Couples That Dated In Real Life

Destiny believes that Janice, like previous pageant competitors, is using mind games to sabotage her chances of winning. Destiny sabotages Janice during the pageant’s talent competition, but is later convinced by Lou that Janice really is a friendly girl. Destiny apologizes to Janice and the two befriend each other.

Here’s what we can learn from Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed’s whirlwind romance:

Thinking of you and all his loved ones at this most difficult time. Dear Monte, Janice , Judy and the entire Perlman family, our sincerest condolences on the passing of Harold. Harold will always be remembered as someone who had an optimistic outlook in life and who when we met he would always have a genuine concern of my well being. I always walked away from those conversations feeling good and touched. As you know Harold was my dad’s closest friend spanning decades.

Nina And Ian’s Wife Are Very Close Friends

St Peter’s School Cambridge has an Open Day next Thursday (March 16) and on Saturday April 1, the Owl Farm has a public open day. The rail crossing on State Highway 1B Telephone Road will remain closed to traffic for the “foreseeable future” Waka Kotahi says. The crossing, east of Hamilton was closed in April 2022 after repeated incidents where low vehicles damaged the railway tracks. There is no funding to resolve the issue – which is costed at up to $11 million – but at the same time use of the road has lessened as a result of the opening of the Waikato Expressway. Stakeholders include the Cambridge Model Engineering Society, which runs miniature train rides around the Domain’s perimeter, Leamington Art Group and Leamington Croquet.

Emma and Zuri have noted that some of Lou’s earlier dreams have partially come true. Meanwhile, Griff states to Ravi, Xander, and Jorge that due to his juvenile hall being full, he will be placed in a family home. Complications arrive when a county worker named Mr. Gribbly arrives to bring Griff back to juvenile hall upon an inmate’s Grizzly alternatives best escape leaving an opening available. Now Ravi, Xander, and Jorge must keep Mr. Gribbly from finding Griff. The three cabins compete against each other in an annual series of competitions. Lou convinces Emma to gain intelligence regarding the Grizzly Cabin’s plans to win each competition, which will help the Woodchuck Cabin beat them.

Paparazzi took several pictures of them being affectionate towards each other as they did sightseeing around the city. After being cast mates for more than a year, Ian and Nina began spending a little more one-on-one time together. Near the end of 2010, the couple were spotted hanging out  in Australia as they visited tourist sites like the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest.

When applying a food item to the tower, Ravi falls and knocks over the tower, and Lou’s recording of the incident goes viral, earning them more “likes” than Murphy’s butter sculpture. Meanwhile, Finn takes separate selfie pictures with Destiny and Matteo, both of whom become jealous when they see the images online. Finn questions Matteo and Destiny about their jealousy; he learns that prior to camp, Destiny did not have many friends and Matteo was frequently left out of activities. Finn convinces them that they are all best friends, and Emma chooses to reinstate the cell phone ban so the campers can enjoy the camp rather than become obsessed with their phones.

The three are good friends to this day and continue to catch up whenever they run into each other. Unlike many Hollywood relationships, Somerhalder and Dobrev didn’t end things on a bad note and remain friendly and jovial toward each other. Dobrev was even good friends with Reed, Somerhalder’s current wife. It’s been rumored that Dobrev’s next (serious?) beau might be none other than Shawn White, Olympic gold medalist and musician. While it would be a detour from her past romances, which have been co-workers, more often than not, it would be her first serious relationship since Grant Mellon, whom she dated for years after Somerhalder. One week after Nina and Ian celebrated the renewal of their series The Vampire Diaries at the CW Upfronts, the lovebirds were spotted enjoying their time in Europe.

The actor-turned-director wasn’t on the market for long though. News revealed he secretly married his girlfriend of two years, Ines de Ramon. The news came after the couple were spotted sporting matching wedding bands. In a podcast hosted by her The Vampire Diaries co-stars Candice King and Kayla Ewell, she had revealed that she did not like Paul Wesley in the beginning. During her interaction, Nina Dobrev said that she and Paul Wesley did not get along at the beginning of the show. Nina Dobrev said she respected Paul Wesley, but she did not like him.

Meanwhile, Gwen believes that a fairy has been leaving her gifts in the woods, but Matteo does not believe her and tries to prove that fairies are not real. Camp Kikiwaka is preparing to hold its annual charity carnival, which will raise money to build a playground for the children of Moose Rump. Lou is now the deputy mayor, and she needs approval from the city council to use an empty lot for the playground. She learns that the council consists of Boomer Gower and his family.

In August 2014, Nina and the Pirates of the Caribbean actor were seen flirting at Comic-Con. Apparently, several onlookers later saw them kissing at an afterparty. The actress celebrated her beau’s legacy in the sport with a heartfelt message via Instagram. Alike 2011, Nina and Ian went on a vacation to Paris, however, their mothers weren’t with them this time. Instead, they were accompanied by their The Vampire Diaries crews.

Emma then leaves making Lou and Destiny disappointed in Ava. Meanwhile, Matteo wears a fake moustache after having seen Finn starting to shave. They alongside Noah investigate the ghost story about a ghostly boy that Emma mentioned about their cabin and the ghost facts start to come true.