Narcissistic Men And Their Mothers

My Mom controls many of the family gatherings, so when I am at odds with her, I don’t see the rest of the family. However, unlike many of the other posters here, I have, during my late teen years and early adulthood-hood, distanced myself both physically and emotionally. But that separation came at a cost of a lack of continuity in my life; both from personal and professional perspectives. From my state of mind I interpret my 20s and early/mid 30s as a constant distraction and misdirection from what I believe to be a pathological fear of ANY kind of commitment -professional, emotional, etc.

Family therapy

But when settling comes to get married , she tries to talk us out of it. First we have to make enough money have a house etc. Yet I stayed because I knew she had no one else to turn to. She has no friends and I have three siblings and several nieces and nephews and none of them deal with her.

Your parents don’t give you privacy

Choosing to spend Thanksgiving with her SO’s family, which many adults do? Adult children don’t have to pay back their parents for things they chose to do by doing everything they want them to. This isn’t doing something for her family, this is spending a holiday with her so’s family. The daughter is so used to a controlling mother that a controlling boyfriend doesn’t set off any red flags.

Avoid talking while driving or over the phone. Preparing to discuss your mother’s control problem is a smart idea in order to easily present your argument and minimize any unnecessary hurt feelings. Plus, the earlier you confront your mother, the better. Overbearing parents can create trouble in future relationships and be a detriment to your problem-solving abilities.

Nothing you do is ever going to be good enough or right. To the narcissistic mother, appearances are everything. She enjoys the social status of being a mother without doing the actual maternal work. It is common for narcissistic mothers to compete with their children, especially their own daughters.

I am now a 28 y o man filled with anger, resentment, hatred and malice. Every relationship I have with a women has failed as soon as my girlfriend starts to try to control me or express dissatisfaction with the love I provide. In fact what led me to search for your blog was an incident when I was out drinking festively with friends, and a female friend of ours was pushing every button like my mother used to. Needless to say as I was drunk and she sober, I didn’t handle her probing questions very well.

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Moms that do this are hurting us, but don’t see or care enough to stop. Distance helped me, but I think I will end up moving a little further next time. I had to raise you and pay for everything myself “.

The more you become ONE with your passion/purpose , the stronger you get. The stronger you get, the more happy you will feel. The more happy you feel, the less others can affect you. You will eventually be able to say, This is YOUR problem, mom…please get help for it or we can just have less contact. However there are major differences and, as the old saying goes, the devil is in the details.

The latter is a better choice for you, emotionally and mentally, because acceptance requires less energy than resistance. And the further up the scale you go, the less likely you’ll be to see any great change in your parents. Where your parents fall on this scale will determine how you might best approach them and their behavior. Sometimes, extremes are needed to ensure that they never, ever repeat this kind of behavior toward you again. Your parents may not agree with some of your life choices, but they damned well better respect the fact that they are, in fact, your choices.

My mother is critical of my weight, anything I purchase, clothing, house, anything!! I have tried to take over some of the family holidays to make things easier on my mother, but the tension when she comes over to my house is unbearable at times. My mother is also very critical of my sister and her family. I found it really helpful, specially “My family don’t really seem interested in getting to know me at a deeper level. When they ask me what I’ve been up to, their inquiry never seems to go very deep; it’s always kept quite superficial.” That is so true of my parents, particularly my mother!

I terribly miss the good times we had together before Nicole died, I will cherish the good memories we all shared for the rest of my life. My mother started to think negatively and would fear literally everything. She was hesitant to let me have sleepovers if there was more than one person there as she’d fear that they’d leave me out, even though I knew them from kindergarten and they weren’t like that. My mother was afraid if I was to be away from her for longer than a day, she’d say things like “they won’t care for you like I do” and she’ll try and have me not go. Most times it didn’t work, which I was happy about. I lost several friends as my mother would literally hold me back from them claiming they were “bad” when they weren’t.