Ask A Guy: What Do His Excuses Really Mean?

But then, the time he spends with you is when all the exciting things happen online, and you can’t seem to tear him away from the phone. Sure, it could mean the nature of his job requires him to stay connected. But if it doesn’t work, he’s probably that invested because there is someone he can’t leave hanging – very likely a girl. It has happened so often that you’ve accepted that texting just isn’t his thing.

Once you do, you’ll find there is a subtle thing you can say that to him that will drastically change how he shows his emotions towards you. The only thing you can do to improve this man’s self-confidence is to try and make him see how amazing he is – makes him see himself through your eyes. It will be the best feeling when you start to see this man getting more self-confident, and knowing you probably had a lot to do with that. Regardless of whether this guy ever tells you or doesn’t tell you how his heart got damaged, in a way, it doesn’t matter because you will never know the full story, as you weren’t there. The most you can do is try to help him heal by showing love – we will touch on that more later on. When someone has been hurt badly before, they tend to assume that everyone they are interested in will also, at some point, hurt them.

Because I sincerely believe that he’s got your best interests at heart. However, men rarely understand the impact of certain actions, that’s why they sometimes send you mixed signals. When you’ve had a long relationship with someone, and the relationship suddenly ends… Of course, your feelings for that person don’t suddenly just go away after a couple of months. He may have feelings for you, but he’s not emotionally available for a relationship because of something else going on in his life. If he still has feelings for his ex, then he is most likely not ready to date anyone and doesn’t want to be in a relationship at this time. If he doesn’t want to date you, you can’t really do anything to change his mind.

After that, there’s not much to stick around for as he already showed you his real feelings. He probably thinks that it’s nothing serious since you haven’t been officially dating. Maybe you went out a few times and he then told you that he thinks you’re alternatives to a great person. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? You started off well with a guy, he told you that he likes you, and mere days after, you saw him with someone else. Where is there room for her if you are on his social media?

And that’s when he’ll realize that what goes around comes back around. You can’t play with someone else’s feelings without ending up hurt yourself. It’s easy to have fun with “the other woman,” but it means something if he talks about his emotions and feelings in front of you.

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When you have closure, it’s easier to move on because you won’t be held back by what could’ve been. But if all hope is not lost, give the guy a chance to explain. If this isn’t the impression you want the guy to have, be clear about what you want. You need to explain to him why you can’t meet up and give him a rough idea of when you’ll be available. But there will be times you may not be able to meet him as soon as you would have wished.

He might very well have lost his feelings for you for a variety of reasons. There are so many reasons relationships don’t work out, many of them are seriously silly. If your ex is still single, there’s a reason and chances are that reason is you. I don’t think you’re reading into things too much here because if he was a player, he would have a new girlfriend within days. If he still wants you then he has no reason to search for another.

Even then, there’s no real excuse for not keeping in touch. Texting is quick, easy, and available internationally, so you should be getting a steady stream of texts in between rendezvous if this person’s into you. Below, 10 signs you’re stuck in an almost-relationship.

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You can never keep a man’s interest who is insecure like this. They will always justify moving on so, in this case, you should too. Some guys believe the phrase “the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else,” whereas others just think that someone new will make them feel better. Also, men see failure as a sign of weakness and admitting that the end of a relationship hurts looks like failure.

When a guy tells you that he likes you but starts dating someone else, you immediately blame it all on that other girl. She seduced him and lured him in, and he couldn’t resist her. Because this guy who liked you is dating someone else, it all feels like the end of the world. Your worth is never defined by guys who leave or reject you. That’s their choice and you can’t do anything to change that.

Even after a breakup, you still have a window into your ex’s life while you’re still connected on social media. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can end up being a sign your ex doesn’t want you back. If your ex combs through your social media commenting, sharing things you post and liking your posts, these are signs that they might still have feelings for you.

You’re not compatible with him

Why doesn’t he or she just apologize and say that they still want to be together? Well, many people struggle with pride and can’t bear to admit that they were wrong or that they made a mistake. This one is an occasionally justifiable reason for ghosting someone (IMO!)—and one that I think you can bounce back from.

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These are more examples of confusing male behavior. Instead, I recommend letting him run the show and watch what he does. When you sit back to observe his behavior and notice what he does to be with you, that will make it a lot more obvious what he’s up to.

Of course inviting you to meet the family is a big deal, as it should be, and it doesn’t happen until he feels like this thing is going somewhere. But if this happens more than once or twice, it’s a sure sign that you’re just not a priority for him right now. Megan Glosson is a freelance writer based in Nashville, TN. She serves as the
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