Very, first of all, when you’re going to love her, you must be their Saviour, you extremely must be the lady sanctifier Leave a comment

Very, first of all, when you’re going to love her, you must be their Saviour, you extremely must be the lady sanctifier

Jesus said his job was to wash the spots and remove the aging. He says the husband is the sanctifier and the husband’s job is to work with his wife in such a way that she begins to see a cleanup take place in her life. When she needs strength, you are her strength. When she needs encourageme personallynt, you are her encouragement. When she needs joy, you are her joy. When she needs peace, you are her peace. So that no matter how old blackfling she gets, she’s kept eternally young because she’s got a sanctifier in the house. Your are her makeup. When the world crashes in on her, you are there. You are to be her power base. You are to be her strength. When she goes off, you are the ever standard you to who maintains his cool even though she lost hers. You say, “Well, if she didn’t screare at me, I wouldn’t have screamed at her!” This is not tit for tat. What this is is showing strength. You say you’re the leader, you’re the strong one, you say you’re the powerful one, then be that! Be her sanctifier that she might be cleansed, so that Christ might present to himself a bride not having spot or wrinkle. The idea here is to nourish.

What we need today are a group of men who know how to nourish and satisfy a woman. “Bring ’em on! I am the satisfiere here baby! Poppa will satisfy you! Yes I will!” Any man who talks that way doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s really trying to convince himself that he is as good as he says he is. Because any man who talks about satisfying several women is really telling you he’s not good enough to satisfy one. So he’s got to spread it around so nobody calls him to commitment. When a man says, “I’ve got ten ladies!” What he’s telling you is that he hasn’t reached to manhood yet, because anybody can bounce around. It’s when you stand steady, and after fifteen, twenty, thirty, fifty years, the wife says, “I’m still satisfied,” now you’ve got a real man. When that one man is constantly nourishing and satisfying her.

Today, new absolute child thinks of ‘sex’ as he tune in to you to definitely

” The spirit here is that Christ gives himself to his assembly, and just as a man works out to make his body look good, he is to work his wife out so that she looks good. So that she is fulfilled. So that she is strong. You are her satisfier. And there are too many dissatisfied wives because there are too many unsatisfied husbands. If you’re not satisfying her, if you’re not her joy, then you better take a look at how good you really are.

It has nothing to do with what she’s doing to you in return, because we’re talking about scriptural love. And if you hate me, I’m going to love you. And if you reject me , I’m still going to try to please you. Because I am here to feed and nourish you. Because I am your satisfier!”

New scripture says you to definitely husbands should “like the wives because their individual bodies

Husbands are commanded to dwell with their wives. This doesn’t mean to just live in the same house. The Greek word for dwell means “to dwell in close harmony with, closely aligned, to be in proximity with.” It means an intimate dwelling. Many men have this idea, I go out, I’m the provider; you’re the wife, you stay home. You do your job, I’ll do my job. That’s where the problem is. The home is your job! The role of the wife is to assist the husband, but she is not to change your role in the home. You are to work in concert with her to create a spirit of harmony within. To do that you must be there.


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